Streaming Nintendo Switch from MacOS

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Streaming Nintendo Switch from MacOS

steps to capture game video, audio, and your voice


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Due to the limitations of the Nintendo Switch, you're not able to record or stream the game from it easily as PS4 or XBox.

Here I will show you how to get these done:

  1. Capture the video from your Nintendo Switch
  2. Capture the audio from your Nintendo Switch
  3. Capture your voice from Mic
  4. Forward the game audio to your computer and hear it from your earphone.


Basically, you need one hardware and one software.

  • Hardware: HDMI Video Capture.


  • Software: OBS

Connect the Hardware

  1. Dock your Nintendo Switch first, remember to connect the power cable. B4D779FA-8899-4AAC-8609-7E0F32C27CD1_1_102_o.jpeg

  2. Connect the USB to your computer. Connect HDMI input to your Switch. The HDMI output connection is optional, you can connect it to your TV if you want to see the game from your TV when recording or streaming. 40395870-A057-4BA6-9730-6A2A1DABE4BD_1_105_c.jpeg

Software Settings

Download OBS Software

  • Download OBS here

Capture Video

  1. Add a Video Capture Device iShot_2022-08-21_14.33.55.png iShot_2022-08-21_14.32.46.png
  2. Select USB Video E26EA4D2-7583-4B79-ABA3-2E42135C344E_1_105_c.jpeg

Capture and output Game Audio

You need to capture the game audio and output it to your computer.

  1. Set the properties of the Mic/Aux 766615EE-0C64-47B3-84B5-5B13538BFCCE_1_105_c.jpeg
  2. Choose USB Digital Audio 8D79FD68-2F4D-453E-8367-633D473A8BF5_1_105_c.jpeg
  3. Set Advanced Audio Properties iShot_2022-08-21_14.49.42.png
  4. Change Mic/Aux Audio Monitoring to "Monitor and Output" CF0259A4-9F06-4FC6-B0B6-E02DAE9E96DE.jpeg
  5. Click Settings at the bottom left panel iShot_2022-08-21_14.55.12.png
  6. Go to Audio and Select USB Digital Audo for Mic/Auxiliary Audio. Select your earphone for Monitoring Device. iShot_2022-08-21_14.56.20.png

Capture your voice

This step is pretty straightforward. Just add a 'Audio Input Capture' and select your Micphone.


Now you should be able to stream or record your game. You can see the video, hear the audio, and capture your voice now.